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EPiServer LanguageManager

While lazily browsing through EPiServer’s Nuget feed I stumbled upon this little fella: EPiServer.Labs.LanguageManager

Searching the Internets for any information regarding this package gave nothing, so I installed it to find out. Well, it allows you to create a new language version of a page or block by duplicating the content of another language. Sweeeet!


Add the following Nuget package to your project:

PM> Install-Package EPiServer.Labs.LanguageManager

Or choose an older version in case you are not using the latest EPiServer version.

In EPiServer choose to add a new gadget to the page or block pane. Select “Languages” and you are good to go.

EPiServer add gadget


Select a page or block.

In the “Translation” gadget click on the context menu icon of the language you want to create. Select “Duplicate [language] content”. Done!


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